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Tianna, An Ebony Hottie With Perfect Body
Josh figured he would try a new spot and hit up the swap meet in search of some hot deals. Cruising along, he saw Tianna out of the corner of his eye. That was enough for him to turn his sights on her. He followed her and finally caught up to her. After some chit chat, turns out her ATM card was on the fritz and was in need of some cash. Talk about good timing. Some hundreds in her face and some more chatter and we found ourselves back at the pad. Stripping down and ready for a quick masturbation demo, Tianna got her tight shaved pussy nice and wet for Josh. After a great sloppy blowjob, he proceeded to fuck her well, making her cum over and over. After it was all said and done Tianna got her cushion of extra money and we got this film for your jerking pleasure. Everybody wins. Enjoy .

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Pornstars: Tianna
Channels: Ebony
Movie added: February 6, 2009