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Big Boobed Teen
Aspen came over wearing a tight top, which was holding her tits from popping out. After some small talk she agreed to pull them out, she undid her top and boom there they were very nice big tits with big nipples. After showing us her tits, she bent over and showed us her big ass, we just couldnt wait to ram her. We started of by licking her nipples and then moved down to her pussy. When we got her ready, she opened her mouth and a cock was put inside. She sucked it and even put it between her massive tits. At that point she wanted to get satisfied she opened her legs and pointed us in. We fucked this slut hard, she then got on top and took the cock for a ride while her amazing tits bounced out of control. We then bent her over fucked her doggy style and made her tits shake before leaving her with a nice load on cum on her cute face.

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Pornstars: Aspen Stevens
Channels: Big Tits
Movie added: April 19, 2006