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Alana Hardcore
DJ brought us a nice little surprise, Alana Evans! DJ showed off her nice big rack and booty. She was a bit disappointed when DJ left, because she is a nasty girl who loves getting fucked by a big cock, but she thought she was doing a little photo shoot. She started playing with her wet pussy and big naturals, and got herself really excited. After she made herself cum, she thought it was weird that we werent taking any pictures...thats when DJ came back! She got extra excited when she heard that she was getting some big black cock!!! After noticing that it was the biggest one shes ever seen, this nasty girl needed to taste it. She sucked and gagged on that cock, then shoved them between those big round titties. She liked sucking that cock, but what she wanted more was to fuck it hard!! She was screaming so loud, and her tits were bouncing all over, as she rode that enormous cock. By the end, she showed that she was a hungry, nasty girl, because she really wanted that hot load all over those beautiful boobs. Alana now knows that RACKSANDBLACKS.COM is where she needs to go for some real hardcore fucking!!!

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Pornstars: Alana Evans
Channels: Big Tits
Movie added: August 15, 2006